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How to Earn Unlimited Paytm Cash on Paytm App

Do you know you can earn unlimited Paytm cash on the Paytm app daily? Yeah, you heard it right, Paytm app is by far the best app for earning free Paytm cash. You can earn unlimited money on Paytm without spending a dime.
This article is not about the offers where you have to make purchases and earn cashback rather this is a different one. By using this method, you earn free Paytm cash upon transferring the money to your own bank accounts.
How to Earn Unlimited Paytm Cash on Paytm App

We have earned unlimited money using this offer. Here is the sample of some of the cashback that we have earned on the Paytm app. If we upload all the screenshots of our earnings it would take countless pages.

This article is about the UPI cashback where you transfer money to your own accounts and earn cashback that is credited to your Paytm wallet. This offer is available for all the Paytm users whether new or existing.
You don’t need to worry, if you have not used the Paytm app before as we will cover everything in this article to help you earn free cash on the Paytm app.

Download and register on the Paytm app?

1. Click here to download the Paytm app on your phone.
2. Open the Paytm app once it gets downloaded.
3. Register using your mobile number. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number to verify it. Enter the OTP to verify your mobile number.
4. Enter your name and create a strong password.
5. Upon successful registration, you will be automatically logged-into the Paytm app, if not, manually login to your Paytm account using your mobile number and password.

Add a bank account in Paytm app

After successfully logging into the Paytm app, we need to add a bank account. We can add a number of bank accounts in Paytm app one from each bank. To add a bank account, follow the steps below.
1. Once you are logged into your Paytm account on the Paytm app, click on the ‘UPI money transfer’ tab.
2. On the next tab, click on ‘more’ at the top right corner.
3. On the next tab, scroll down and click on the ‘add bank account’ option.
4. Search and select your bank. Make sure your bank account is linked with the same mobile number which is linked with your Paytm account.
5. Once you select the bank that is linked with the Paytm registered mobile number, Paytm will automatically fetch the account details.
6. Select your bank account and click on ‘proceed’ to set up a UPI pin.
7. To set up the UPI pin, click ‘set UPI pin’. Next, enter your debit cards last six digits then expiry date and click on ‘proceed’.
8. You will receive an OTP upon clicking on ‘proceed’. Enter the OTP, ATM pin & set a 4 or 6 digit UPI PIN.
That is it. Similarly, you can add many more bank accounts in your Paytm account. The more bank accounts you add the more cash you can earn in the Paytm app. After adding all your bank accounts in Paytm, you can start earning money on Paytm app. Here is how to earn cash on Paytm app after adding bank accounts.

How to earn unlimited Paytm cash daily through Paytm UPI offers?

1. Open the Paytm app and click on the ‘cashback’ tab at the top right corner.
2. Under ‘new offers’ tab click on ‘Money Transfer Offers’.
3. Activate any cashback offer from the offers tab. Check the minimum amount and number transactions to complete the offer you activate.
4. Once you activate the offer, click on ‘ Do your first money transfer’ tab.
5. Choose a bank account and transfer the required amount for completing the offer. I suggest you transfer money to your own accounts (from one account to other) for hassle-free money transfers and save your time.
Similarly, you can do a number of transactions to complete the offers and earn cashback. Once you complete one offer, go ahead and activate another one. The cashback earned is automatically added to your Paytm wallet. You can transfer the money in your Paytm wallet to your bank accounts as and when required.
This is the simplest and the easiest method to earn more and more Paytm cash. Offers are updated on a regular basis. Offers are subject to terms and conditions. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions properly before completing an offer.

UPI transfer limits

While making UPI transactions, you should keep in mind that there are certain UPI limits set for the UPI transactions for a bank account. You can make a maximum of 10 UPI transactions in 24 hours from one bank account. There is a limit on the amount that one can transfer in 24 hours or in a month. UPI transaction limits are different for different banks. Make sure you check all the limits associated with your bank accounts.
This doesn’t mean that you can do only 10 UPI money transfers on Paytm instead it depends upon the number of bank accounts linked with your Paytm account. From each account, you can do 10 UPI transactions. For example, if you have 5 bank accounts linked with Paytm you can do 50 transactions in 24 hours @10 transactions from each bank account.
That is all about this offer for now. Hope you take the full advantage of this offer and earn unlimited cash-back like we have earned. Thanks for reading this article, do share this with your friends.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

How to change verified mobile number in Dream11

There is no direct option provided in the dream11 for changing the mobile number. Dream11 also says that once your number is verified, you can’t change that. However, there is a way by which you can change your verified mobile number in dream11.
Dream11 is one of the best fantasy sports apps and to add to that, customer support is awesome. Two ways are there by which you can get your dream11 mobile number changed. Both of these methods are based on customer support.

Reason for changing the verified mobile number in dream11

You may need to change the verified mobile number when you no longer have access to that. You may have lost the sim card linked with your dream11 account. Another possible reason may be that while registering on dream11 app, you used a mobile number that you doesn’t own. There may be other reasons propelling you to change your dream11 account’s mobile number.

How to change the dream11 mobile number if you can access to your dream11 account?

1. Download and Open the dream11 app on your phone. Log into your dream11 account.
2. Click on the ‘more’ tab and then click on the ‘Helpdesk’ option.
3. Once the helpDesk tab opens, scroll to the bottom and click on ‘contact us’ option.
4. Login again if prompted. After logging in, select ‘Mobile Number Change’ option from the drop-down menu.
5. Enter: email ID, New mobile number, confirm new mobile number, Date of last deposit, amount of last deposit, date of last contest joined and the Invite code.
6. Upon filling all the required information, click on the ‘submit’ option provided at the bottom.
With that, your request for mobile number change is submitted to dream11. They will contact you through the email ID may ask for reasons and account-related information. Let them know everything they ask and your mobile will be changed.
The above method works for those dream11 users who can access their dream11 accounts. It is hard for those who can’t access his dream11 account to know the date of last contest joined, the amount deposited, etc.

How to change the dream11 mobile number if you can no longer access to your dream11 account?

When you can no longer access dream11 account as well as the mobile number associated with that account, you should at least be able to access the email ID with which you have registered on dream11. To change the mobile number of your dream11 account, submit a request to dream11 support staff at help@dream11.comfrom the email ID that you have used for the registration on dream11. They will get back to you through email and may ask for relevant information.
These are the two ways by which we can change the verified mobile number in dream11 account. Hope you find this article helpful and help others by sharing this.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Mobikwik money transfer offer – Earn more than ₹1200 cashback on UPI

Many Online payment apps offer cash back on UPI transactions. Some offer in the form of scratch cards and some offer direct cashback. Google pay, PhonePe apps offer cash back on UPI money transfers in the form of scratch cards while as paytm, mobikwik apps offer direct cashbacks on UPI transactions.
MobiKwik money transfer offer can be availed only once. With this offer You can earn up to ₹1200 + ₹25 + ₹25 in total. ₹1200 upon completing the mobikwik offer as per the terms and conditions. ₹25 for first ever UPI transfer & ₹25 for first transfer in May.

Download and register on the mobikwik app

1. Download and Open the mobikwik app on your phone.
2. Register on the mobikwik app (Get ₹100 supercash on sign up) if you are using this app for the first time else login to your mobikwik account.

 Add a bank account on the mobikwik app

1. To add a bank account on the mobikwik app, click on ‘wallet’.
2. Now click on the ‘add new bank account’ option.
3. Search your bank by name.
4. Once you select your bank, it will automatically fetch your account but your mobile number linked with mobikwik should be linked with that bank account.
5. Set up a UPI pin using your credit/debit card details.
Similarly, you can add many bank accounts in Mobikwik app. You should add at least two bank accounts in order transfer funds (from one account to another account) to your own accounts.

How to Earn more than ₹1200 on Mobikwik app

Once you link your bank accounts successfully, you can go ahead and do your first UPI transaction. On doing the first ever UPI money transfer of ₹500 or more, you get ₹25 cashback which is credited to your mobikwik wallet. Offers are subject to terms and conditions, make sure you read the terms and conditions before making a transaction.
On every 8th UPI transfer to Mobikwik UPI id, you get ₹20 and you can avail this offer 60 times. In total, you can earn 60X20 = ₹1200. The minimum amount for each transfer is ₹6000. In order to receive the cashback, KYC is mandatory. Click here to read all the terms and conditions of this offer.
When you do a UPI transfer of ₹500 in the month of May, you get ₹25 cashback. So with this offer, you can earn upto ₹1250. I hope you like this and take full advantage of this offer.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

LeagueX referral code: Get ₹100 on Sign up - Refer and Earn unlimited

LeagueX is another interesting fantasy sports app where you can play cash-based games and win real cash legally. Like all other fantasy sports apps, LeagueX also provides referral and signing bonus for new users. When you sign up for LeagueX app using Leaguex referral code, you get ₹100 cash bonus.
In this article, we will be sharing the LeagueX referral code that would get you ₹100 on sign up. We will also take a look at some of the features of this app. This article is going to be the complete guide for LeagueX sign-up and referral program.

Use LeagueX referral code to get ₹100 cash bonus

1. First of all, you need to download the LeagueX app on your phone.
2. Once you download the LeagueX app on your phone, open it.
3. As the app opens, you will be prompted to enter your mobile number. Enter your mobile number and click on the ‘continue’ tab.
4. After clicking ‘continue’, you will receive an OTP on your mobile number. Enter the OTP to verify your mobile number.
5. Create a unique user name and a password. Enter your date of birth and select your State. Use LeagueX referral code: pj9jp and click on the ‘save and create an account’ tab.
Upon successful registration, you get ₹200 cash bonus and your friend who invites you gets ₹100 cash bonus. Use this cash bonus to join the cash-based challenges on this app and earn cash prizes.

Refer and earn unlimited cash bonus on the LagueX app

This feature is a must-have for all the fantasy sports apps to reach more people in less time. LeagueX gives a cash bonus of ₹100 every time you refer this app to your friend successfully. In this way, you can refer the LeagueX to unlimited friends and earn an unlimited cash bonus. The usability of the cash bonus is different for a different type of contests. To invite your friends to the LeagueX app, send your referral link along with your referral code to your friends.

Using the cash bonus

1. Select an upcoming match.
2. Create your team. Make a captain and a vice-captain.
3. Choose the type of contest you want to join.
4. Join the contests using cash bonus and deposited money.
That is all about the LeagueX app for now. If you need more help about this app, leave a comment below. Hope you find this article helpful.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Divine11 referral code - Get ₹200 on sign up - Refer and earn ₹50

Divine11 app referral code: Divine11 is a platform for fantasy sports lovers where they can use your knowledge, skill, information to build a team for various sports like cricket, football, etc and earn real cash. The divine11 app is similar to the dream11 app in a way that both apps give a cash bonus for reaching different levels by joining the required contests.
Divine11 referral code

In this article, we will share with you the divine11 referral code which would get you ₹200 on sign up. We will also share some useful information about the divine11 fantasy sports app. ₹200 sign up offer is a limited time offer and has especially been announced for the world cup. Hurry, join now to claim your bonus.

How to use the referral code in Divine11 app and get ₹50?

1. Download the divine11 app on your phone.
2. Click on ‘Enter referral code’ at the bottom left corner.3. Enter Divine11 referral code: Y04Lgb47Rm4. Enter your mobile number, email ID and create a password.5. Click on the ‘register’ tab.6. Once you click on the ‘register’ tab, you will receive an OTP your registered mobile number.Enter the OTP and click on the ‘submit’ tab.
With that, you will be successfully registered for the divine11 app. Upon successful registration, you get ₹200 cash bonus and the one who invites you gets a ₹50 cash bonus. This cash bonus can be used for joining the various contests or leagues available on this app.

Cash bonus usage on Divine11 app

The maximum cash bonus that you can use for joining a particular contest on the divine11 app is different for different types of contests. In some contests, you can use the cash bonus 50% of the entry fees. In some contests, cash bonus may not be applicable. If a contest is marked by ‘B’, it means that you can use the cash bonus in that contest.

Refer and earn an unlimited cash bonus

When you refer Divine11 app to your friend successfully, you get ₹50 and your friend gets ₹200 cash bonus. You can invite unlimited friends to this app and earn an unlimited cash bonus.
To invite friends to this app, click on the ‘more’ tab from the navigation menu at the bottom of this app’s homepage. Once the options in the ‘more’ tab expand, you can see the ‘invite friends’ option, click on that. Share your referral link along with your unique referral code with your friends and ask them to download this app. Your friend must enter your unique referral code while registering for the divine11 app in order to get you a ₹50 cash bonus.

Requirements for withdrawal

1. Mobile Number Verification.
2. Email verification.
3. PAN card verification.
4. Bank account number.
This app is worth trying and deserves a go. Hope you like this article and share the same. This is all about the Divine11 app for now. For any queries, you can leave a comment below.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Best and most trusted fantasy sports apps - Android and iPhone

If you are Looking for the best fantasy sports apps? then you are at the right place. In this article, we will provide you a detailed review so that you can easily choose the best fantasy sports apps which meets your desires.
Fantasy Sports apps are the apps where you can play cash based games to earn real cash legally. Participating in the contests on the Fantasy Sports apps is legal (except in the areas prohibited by law) and different than betting because it requires your knowledge and skill about sports while as betting merely depends on luck.
We have taken into consideration all the features that users desire. All these apps are available for Android as well as iPhone users. Here is the list of best fantasy sports.

1. Dream11.

Dream11 app introduced the concept of fantasy sports in India. It is an easy to use app. The points system in this app is crystal clear. You get a cash bonus of ₹100 on the dream11 app when you join by entering a referral code. You can change the playing 11 even after the toss till the match starts. This app shows which players are playing which aren’t. With dream11 ‘refer and earn’ offer, you can earn an unlimited Cash bonus. The validity of the cash bonus is 14 days and the cash bonus with the least validity is utilized first. The minimum Withdrawal amount is ₹200. Cash bonus is 100% usable for the contests with the entry fees ₹25.

2. HalaPlay.

I personally love this app because of its 100% cash bonus usage. Halaplay gives you ₹50 when you join with a referral code. You can earn unlimited cash bonus on this app by inviting others. Refer and earn program in HalaPlay app is simple because you get ₹50 cash bonus as soon as your friend joins a contest. This is the best app as far as the cash bonus in fantasy sports apps is concerned. The minimum amount that you can withdraw on Halaplay app is ₹100 but you need to have at least ₹300 or more winnings to raise a withdrawal request in this app. This app is available for both Android as well as iPhone users. Unlike other fantasy sports app where you have to choose both the captain and the vice-captain for your team, you have to only choose the captain for your team in Halaplay app.

3. MyTeam11.

MyTeam11 app comes with two features within one app. One is ‘Normal Play’ where you can’t change the playing 11 after the toss and the other is ‘Safe play’ where you can see the playing 11 and make changes accordingly. This app gives you ₹100 cash bonus upon sign up which includes ₹25 sign up bonus and ₹75 referral bonus. The points system in this app is somewhat similar to the dream11 app.

4. Nostra Pro.

If you are good at predictions then this app is for you. Nostra is a different kind of fantasy sports app. In this app, you don’t have to create a team to join a contest like in most of the fantasy sports apps but you need to answer a few questions about the match and the players. For every prediction that turns out to be correct during the match, you will gain 10 points and if your prediction turns out to be wrong you will lose 4 points. Sign up using a referral code and get ₹100 on Nostra Pro app.

5. FanFight.

The FanFight app is one of the most popular fantasy sports apps in India. This app was introduced after the introduction of Dream11 app. The bad thing about this app is that you can use only 10-15% cash bonus which is annoying for the beginners. Fanfight app gives you ₹100 cash bonus when you join by using a referral code. In this app, you can make changes to the playing 11 even after the toss. This app gives nothing for referring a friend but when your friend deposits money, you get 50% of his/her deposited amount as a cash bonus.

6. BalleBaazi.

Ballebaazi app was founded in the year 2018. Currently, this app is venturing only cricket games. In some leagues on this app, you can use 10-50% cash bonus. You get ₹50 when you join Ballebaazi app with a referral code. This app gives you a cash bonus of ₹100 when you invite a friend but the condition is that your friend should make a deposition of at least ₹30.

7. WorldTeam11.

When you join worldteam11 app using a referral code you get ₹25 cash bonus which includes ₹10 as ‘un-utilized balance’ (100% usable), ₹15 cash bonus (10% usable). In this app, you can join cash based football and cricket leagues. You can’t make changes to your playing 11 after the toss. This app gives you ₹50 on every successful referral.
These are some of the best and trusted fantasy sports apps. There are some other fantasy sports apps available as well. Hope you like and share this article.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

how to add referral code in freecharge | freecharge referral code

Freecharge is a payments app where you can do recharges, bill payments, etc. You can use the Freecharge wallet balance to make payments at various online store and apps.
Freecharge app is a wholly owned subsidiary of Axis Bank limited and is safe and secure. You can use the Freecharge referral code to get ₹30 cashback upon making the first payment on this app.

How to sign up on the Freecharge app?

1. Click here to download the Freecharge app on Android or iPhone.
2. Once the app gets downloaded, open it.
3. As the app opens, tap the ‘register’ tab. Enter your mobile number, email ID, password and click on ‘sign up’.
4. After clicking on the ‘sign up’ button, an OTP will be sent to your mobile number. Enter the OTP and click on the ‘confirm number’ tab. Your mobile number will be verified and you would be logged into this app.

How to use the Freecharge referral code to get ₹30?

Using referral code on Freecharge app is tricky as there is no direct tab provided where you can apply the Freecharge referral code. However, we will show you where to apply it. To apply the Freecharge referral code follow the following steps.
1. Click on ‘mobile recharge option’ on the homepage of Freecharge app.
2. Enter the beneficiary’s mobile number. Choose network provider and location. Click on ‘done’ and enter any recharge amount.
3. Once you click on ‘done’, you can see the option for applying referral/promo code on the next tab. Use to referral code: RIAB7PI and click on the ‘apply’ tab.
4. Complete the recharge using a debit/credit card only to get ₹30.

Refer and Earn up to ₹5000 on Freecharge app?

You can earn up to ₹5000 upon referring this app to others. For every successful referral, you get ₹30 and your friend also gets ₹30. When your friend does the first recharge using credit/debit card, you get ₹30. To refer a friend on Freecharge app, click on the ‘accounts’ section from the bottom. In the ‘accounts’ section, tap on ‘refer and earn’ option. Share your referral link along with referral with your friends. Once your friend downloads the app and does the first recharge using credit/debit card, you get ₹30 Freecharge cash.

Updating KYC on Freecharge app?

Updating KYC is on Freecharge app is as simple as it would get. To update the KYC of Freecharge app, click on ‘account’ and then click on KYC details. Use your Voter Id or PAN details to update the KYC.
That is all about the Freecharge app and its refer and earn offer. Hope you find this post useful.