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Dream11 app referral code | Get ₹100 on sign up | Refer and Earn

By using the dream11 app referral code, you get ₹100 cash bonus. Both the referrer and referred users get ₹100 each in the form of a cash bonus. In this article, I am going to share with you the dream11 referral code along with some useful tips and tricks. You can check a similar article about Fantasyji fantasy sports app on our blog.
dream11 app referral code

Once you earn the cash bonus of ₹100 by signing up and applying the referral code, you can then use this cash bonus for joining the various contests in the dream11 app.

How to Apply the referral Code in Dream11 app in 2019 and get ₹100 Cash bonus?

1. Click here to download the dream11 official app.
2. Once the app gets downloaded, open it.
3. As the app opens, click on 'have a referral code' at the bottom left corner of the screen.
4. Enter the referral code; TECHM259WX and enter your mobile number, email id. Create a strong password and click on ‘register’.
5. After successfully registering on the dream11 app, a message 'cash bonus of ₹100 has been credited to you' will appear at the top of the home screen.

How to check the cash bonus in the dream11 app?

1. Open the Dream11 app on your phone.
2. Click on the profile icon at the top left corner.
3. As the profile section expands, you can see 'My balance' option, click on that.
4. In 'My balance' section, you can see the cash bonus of ₹100.
How to use the Cash Bonus on the dream11 app?
As per the dream11 policies, you can use a maximum cash bonus of ₹25 when you join a contest that has entry fee less than ₹250.
When you join a contest with an entry fee greater than ₹250, a cash bonus of 10% will be utilized. For example, if you join a contest of ₹500, a cash bonus of ₹50 will be used and you have to pay ₹450 only.

How to join a contest on the dream11 app?

1. On the dream11’s home screen, choose the type of sports (cricket, football, NBA, hockey) from the top.
2. Select an upcoming match.
3. Click on the contest you would like to join.
4. After choosing a contest, click on ‘join this contest’
5. Pick the players for your dream team and click on 'continue’.
6. Choose a captain & vice-captain and click on ‘save team’.
7. Make the payment (a cash bonus of ₹25 will be automatically utilized) and click on ‘join contest’.

How to Invite others and earn a cash bonus on dream11 on the dream11 app?

You can invite your friends and earn a cash bonus of ₹100 every time you invite a new user to dream11 successfully.
1. Open the dream11 app on your phone and click on the profile icon.
2. In the profile section, click 'My referrals' option.
3. In 'My referrals' section, you can see your referral code and an option to invite others to dream11. Click on 'invite', choose the contacts that you would like to invite and send them the referral links.
4. Once the invited user downloads your app, ask him to sign up using your dream referral code like you did while joining this app.
5. After your friend successfully joins the dream11, ask him/her to join a contest on this app. As he joins the contests, you will earn a cash bonus up to ₹100.
Note: You and your friend must verify email ID and mobile number to get the cash bonus. Mobile number is automatically verified at the time of registration.

How to verify the Mobile Number and Email Id on Dream11 app?

Mobile number is automatically verified while signing up for the dream11 app as you are required to enter the OTP sent to your mobile number. When you enter the OTP during dream11 registration, your mobile number gets verified. You then only need to verify your email ID.
To verify your email, open your email inbox, look out for the email from dream11. The email sent to you contains a verification link. Click on the verification link to verify it.

How to check your referral list on the dream11 app?

1. For checking the list of successfully referred friends on the dream11 app, click on the profile icon at the top left corner.
2. Then click on ‘my referrals’.
3. In ‘my referrals’ section, you can the list of successfully referred friends.
What you should know?
1. You cannot change the verified details such as mobile number, PAN card, etc.
2. PAN card used in one dream11 account cannot be used in another dream11 account.
3. Minimum withdrawal balance is ₹200 (winnings).
4. In order to make a withdrawal from the dream11 account, you must verify your PAN card and Account Details.

Dream11 big update:

Dream11 has increased the limit on the maximum number of players you can choose from each player type. You can now choose 1-4 keepers, 3-6 batsmen, 1-4 allrounders, 3-6 bowlers. Earlier we could choose only 1 keeper, 3-5 batsmen, 1-3 allrounders and 3-5 bowlers. This doesn't mean that you more than 11 players.
I hope you like this article and take full advantage of this offer. If you found this article helpful, share it with your friends and families.

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